Take a look to the prototypes generated by the IncLeisure partnership that try to address the requirements of a great playground or space to facilitate inclusive participation of all kinds of children demands, wether they are due to cogntive, sensory or social difficulties. This prototypes try to show the scheme of all areas that address the activity demands: Active area, for children who like very dynamic games, semi-active area, for children or moments of other types of movements, even hanging, bouncing… The green area can be associated also with the sensory stimulation zones, with water, sand, green grass, and where other stimulation (books, for reading, stage for arts expression, colouring, sitting and chatting) can be available. Remember to check for the disturbances that can be problematic for many children, like the noise from the school alarm, bad oddours from bins, or other surrounding troubling issues. Good luck with your plans to achieve most of this proposals.

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