🔵 INC-LEISURE Active, Viseu 2023 🔵



On October 16th , 2023, a publicity session was held for the INC-LEISURE Ativo event, Viseu 2023, as part of the European project INC-LEISURE.👏

At this event, a series of playful and inclusive activities will be developed, with all students from Escola Básica da Ribeira and Escola Básica do Bairro Municipal, in Parque Urbano de Santiago, in Viseu. 📍

🔵 “WorkArt” Project: Visit to the School of Guide Dogs for the Blind 🔵



Escola Básica João de Barros, Viseu, received a visit from Escola Cães-Guia para Cegos de Mortágua, with the aim of promoting the students’ values of solidarity.

It was a special moment, which touched the hearts of our students, because when we are willing to help others, whether in situations of need or difficulty, we demonstrate empathy for the well-being of others. 🙂

The education/training for each guide dog costs around €20,000 and is donated to blind people who apply. Therefore, all help will always be welcome for causes like these.

A huge thank you to the Mortágua School of Guide Dogs for the Blind.


🔵Ser+ project🔵



On October 18th, the Ser+ project, a program to develop social and personal skills, celebrated World Food Day at Escola Básica Grão Vasco.

A trip to the world of flavors! 👏

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