On May 24, 2023, Instituto Batoi in Alcoy (Spain) became a hub of crucial dialogue and learning focused on advancing inclusive leisure practices. This special event targeted students enrolled in courses for Dependency Care Technicians, Social Integration Technicians, and Socio-cultural Animation Technicians, aiming to deepen their understanding and engagement with the principles of inclusive leisure environments.

The primary agenda for the day was to discuss the INCLEISURE project, a pioneering initiative designed to foster inclusive leisure spaces that cater to diverse communities, including individuals with dependencies or those requiring social support. The project underscores the importance of designing leisure and recreational spaces that are accessible to all, promoting equal opportunities for enjoyment and participation.

Highlighting the international collaboration aspect of our project, we were honored to have Sandra Molines from the University of Florida join us via streaming. Sandra shared insights from her innovative project on Co-educational Playgrounds, which aligns closely with the goals of INCLEISURE. Her presentation provided valuable perspectives on how educational and recreational spaces can be structured to support inclusive practices that benefit all members of the community.

To engage the students more interactively, a Google questionnaire was circulated among the attendees. This tool was not only intended to gather feedback but also to prompt reflective thinking among the students. They were asked to consider what elements are missing in both formal and informal playgrounds to make them truly inclusive. Additionally, the questionnaire sought students’ opinions on the essential tools and skills that professionals need to effectively manage and animate inclusive playgrounds.

The feedback gathered from this questionnaire will be instrumental in refining our strategies and approaches within the INCLEISURE project. By incorporating direct inputs from future professionals in the field, we can ensure that our project remains relevant and effective in addressing the real-world needs of inclusive leisure environments.

This event at Instituto Batoi was more than just an educational seminar; it was a step forward in building a community of informed and motivated professionals ready to champion the cause of inclusivity in leisure spaces. The interactions and discussions sparked here are set to ripple outward, influencing practices and mindsets across the sector.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on the INCLEISURE project and our ongoing efforts to make leisure spaces welcoming for everyone, irrespective of their social or physical needs. Together, we are paving the way for a more inclusive world, one playground, and one community at a time.








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