Sport has become the perfect excuse to people, with and without disabilities, breaking down barriers.

@Tuxeleiresrugbi | Source: elespañ

Bea has started playing rugby a few months ago. First, his older son started playing, and now her whole family is playing too.

The Mixed Ability Rugby, a really inclusive game model 

In the sportive discipline of rugby, they workout all sort of skills. «It’s been a while since it has been aproved a regulation of inclusive rugby in Spain, saying that depending on the grade of disability, you should take a hamlet identifying a color (…) we believe that everything regulates by itself. The point is to interact in a respectfull way«, as Xabier explains.

David Herbés, who plays in the Santiago Rugby Club and in Tuxeleires, believes that this sport is totally inclusive, since everyone -no matter how they look like, can play it.

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