FESTIRITITI: Celebrating Inclusion


On Friday,  November 2nd of 2022, Amicos, leader of the Inc-Leisure project, celebrated the International Day of People with Disabilities  organizing once again their known and loved Festirititi event.



This is a great celebration, together with the surrounding school community that offers games, music and theater for kids, adults and the general public, so that everyone can participate and interact.



Thus, nearly 1,000 children of all ages enjoyed the celebration in public spaces of Boiro (Galicia, Spain), the town where Amicos is based.



Festiritititi and the IncLeisure project understand and promote that there is nothing that unites more than to play, the informal games, and that inclusion has to begin in schools, in the earliest phases of people’s social development.



That is why this festival allows children to see and understand that there is a wide diversity of people with different abilities, and that they all add up, forming part of the total community and society.



Because playing is also learning, and teaching, and understanding and knowing. It is a way of educating.



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