kick-Off of the Inc-Leisure Project


On May 23rd and 24th of 2022, the launch meeting of the project Inc-Leisure project was held in Boiro, hometown to the project leaders: Asociación Amicos.



All the partners met at the headquarters of Amicos CEEPR (School) in Boiro (Spain), where the project was formally presented to the press.



Likewise, the meeting served for the partners to discuss the reality of their entities and the legal and infrastructural frameworks to work on inclusiveness.



Each partner made a presentation about their projects and institutions, and the discussion and knowledge sharing led to very interesting contributions for each one.



The main schedule and forecasts for the execution of the project were also approved, thus starting the actual work plan.



In short, it was an encouraging start to a very exciting and inspiring project with which we hope to be able to add value to the communities where the different participating partners are located.


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