«Non formal participatory spaces for inclusive school learning»

Is an educational project that aims to provide all participants with an experience of participation, training, analysis and reflection on inclusive non-formal learning spaces (ENFA) not only as a solution to a problem of social exclusion of the school child community, but also as a way of learning values ​​and transversal skills within regulated school education.

Non-formal education is that which is received in places of daily life and social relationships such as schoolyards, parks and sports spaces.

The subject who receives it becomes an actor in their education process and that of others. In an inclusive non-formal education space, children will benefit from living with different experiences and learning from them and will allow:

  • Develop in the school community values such as solidarity, respect, reflection on human behavior and coexistence with diversity and inclusion, citizen participation and a sense of belonging.
  • Promote the acquisition of transversal skills through non-formal learning in inclusive spaces and through participation and cooperative learning, stimulating the development of a critical spirit, creativity and acquiring habits of dialogue and search for consensus.
  • Provide flexibility to educational professionals to develop innovative and alternative non-formal education methods to help students learn. For this reason, INC-LEISURE has the following specific objectives:

Reduce early school leaving (AET) derived from social exclusion that affects groups at risk of exclusion, especially people with disabilities, in ENFA.


Promote equal opportunities for girls and boys through inclusive leisure.


Improve knowledge of subjects and transversal skills (mathematics, history, co-responsibility, initiative, etc.) through educational and participatory activities in the ENFA.


Awareness and visibility of the importance and richness that diversity brings to the community and the environment.

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The Inc-leisure project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.